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My first run-in with the brand Origins was a spot treatment that I’d tried. I never had acne, but I do break out with some very stubborn & scattered problem spots at times and I’d tried almost every treatment on the market: from drugstore to drying lotion, from tea tree oil to skin-ruining 100% isopropyl alcohol. I bought the Origins Super Spot Remover at Ulta, tried it that night, and woke up to a clear face. Unlike most spot treatments that consist of mostly salicylic acid and some other chemicals, the Origins spot remover contains natural ingredients like red algae and saw palmetto to combat redness as well as oil and bacteria. There’s not a person that I’ve recommended this to that it hasn’t worked for–even my 13 year old, hormonal little sister! Priced at $16, it falls somewhere in the middle on the acne treatment price scale but is…

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Anxiety in (Grad) School

Caffeinated Confidence

Disclaimer: This post is just a single anecdote of my experiences with feelings of anxiety and my personal way of coping with it. I am my no means an expert and highly recommend that if you think you may be dealing with feelings of anxiety or have an anxiety disorder, that you seek help from a professional. 

anxiety-is-my-friendI’ve been in grad school for almost five months now (holy crap, it feels like years!) and it has been quite an experience. Though I’ve bitched and complained both here and on my Tumblr, overall it’s been a positive experience. After all, it feels like everyday I’m learning something new about my research field, meeting fantastic people and getting more and more involved with the science that I love…

Of course, it definitely hasn’t been a very smooth ride. My first quarter seemed like it went absolutely horrendously. In fact, many, many crappy things happened, but…

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This is my first time actually committing to a blog for writing purposes. Other times I tried setting up different sites and I wasn’t motivated enough. This time, this time, I am going to stick to my goal.

Well, might as well introduce myself. My name’s Lauren, middle name Keely. I’m a freshman at RIT, majoring in film. I love One Direction. I’m also deaf. I reallllllly love writing, mainly poetry. Here I’ll be posting things that I want to talk about, related to school.